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Pen Mill Infants and Nursery Academy

Caring, sharing and learning together


List of Members and Governors
Mr M Sibley - Chair
Mrs K Conway - Parent
Mrs T Manning - Acting Headteacher
Mr M Sibley - Chair /  Community
Mrs K Conway - Vice ChairParent
Fr D Anderson - Community
Mr M Conway - Parent
Mrs K Underhill - Business Leader
Mrs R Jarvis - Clerk to Governors

Statement from the Chairman of Trustees

During March of this year, groups of our children went on a school trip to visit and experience what life was like at a Victorian School.  The classroom was an exact replica of a Victorian school, with teachers dressed for the part, as were the children.  The children spent time sat at desks in regimented lines, writing with pen and ink, copy writing and a far cry from what they experience on a daily basis today.  This was a time when children "should be seen, but not heard."  A time when discpline was maintained with a cane.  A time when children were not encouraged to develop their own character and to grow in confidence.  At Pen Mill our school buildings can be described as Victorian, but that is all that can be related to that era.

Having a Victorian building is a real bonus, as we have spacious classrooms and a unique atmosphere, unlike the modern school buildings of today.  The Pen Mill of today is the exact opposite of what the children experienced on their visit.  The children are encouraged to develoop their own character, and encouraged to be confident and make decisions for themselves.  They show respect for each other and to teachers and staff.  If there is a behaviour problem is is resolved talking and understanding what lies behind the action.  The children had a brilliant and educational day being Victorians, but all were pleased to return to 2015 the next day.

Currently we are seeking funding to extend our Victorian building.  Plans have been drawn up, consultations taken place with residents of the community, planning permission agreed, and the application for funding made.  We now have to wait and see if the funding will be granted from Government.  If it is, we will be adding our own bit of Victoriana circa 2015 to the school.  This will give us more quality Education space for our exceptional Staff to teach the children and continue to give them a passion for Learning and Education.

Mike Sibley
Chair of Trustees
Pen Mill Academy

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